2020 Dates Coming Soon…

2019 Cohort dates

March 21-22
Interviews Conducted in Canada

May 14
LEI 4905 Resort & Destination Development and HFT 3253 Lodging Operations & Management courses begin online

June 27
Arrival in Gainesville, Florida; dormitory check-in

June 28 - July 7
UF Disney Discovery and Orientation, site visits, on and off campus activities, excursions, tours, and seminars

July 8
Arrival and check-in at Walt Disney World® Resort

July 9-12
Orientation at Walt Disney World Resort

July 13
Disney Traditions; first day of employment

August 22 - December 10
Commence LEI 4940 and now LEI 3360

December 10
Project Presentations and Luncheon

December 20
Last Day of Disney Program and check-out day

*Disney Traditions is the program that introduces each new generation of cast members to the culture and heritage of the world-famous Disney organization. With a focus on the past, present, and future of Disney, Disney Traditions will help you recognize and appreciate the connections you have to the Disney story, the daily impact you can have on the quality of the Disney Show, and the role you can play in the company’s growth and success.